We are a group of CUNY faculty who believe that the PSC-CUNY union has long violated its mandate by diverting union time and resources to pursue political advocacy far outside of their mission to support CUNY faculty.

The latest episode in this ongoing dereliction of union duties is an abhorrent and divisive resolution condemning Israel that displays astonishing factual inaccuracy and foments anti-Semitism. As a result, a group of faculty believe that we must resign. If you want to join us, we intend on using coordinated resignations to send a signal to the union that we expect the leadership to concentrate on performing the job entrusted to them: supporting CUNY faculty rights, remuneration and working conditions.

Please note that the issue today may be Israel and anti-Semitism, but no one knows where the union leadership will meddle in the future. Without any expertise or authorization, the union presumes to speak on behalf of all CUNY faculty, thereby depriving each of us of our individual right to freedom of speech.

We respect those who prefer to talk, write letters, and work within the union structure to educate, to object, or to protest the latest egregious resolution, but we believe that the appropriate response is to resign our union memberships. We can no longer be part of this union.

Please click THE PACT below to read and sign the petition.

We invite you to navigate this site and read the materials posted here, particularly regarding your ability to retain all of your benefits. If you are committed to resign (or have already resigned), please consider signing the Pact. Please note that even if you join our Mass Resignation Pact as a tangible vote of no-confidence, you can rejoin the union at a later date if you so desire.

We hope that you will join us, and pass this information on to other CUNY faculty.

Professor Linda Allen

Professor Hershey H. Friedman

Professor Linda W. Friedman

Professor KC Johnson

Professor Jeffrey Lax

Professor Seth E. Lipner

Professor Hannah Rothstein

Baruch College

Brooklyn College

Baruch College

Brooklyn College

Kingsborough Community College

Baruch College

Baruch College