What If I Signed a
Blue Card?

After the 2018 Janus Supreme Court decision, the PSC-CUNY union issued new membership applications (either online or in the form of a blue card) that limited faculty rights to withdraw to a 40 calendar day period around the yearly anniversary of the date the membership application was signed. This should not prevent you from signing the Pact if you so desire. If you decide to sign the pact, here is what you can do:

  1. Sign the Pact

  2. Send the union the letter that you resign effective immediately. You can find the sample letter and instructions on the “How Do I Resign?” tab on our site. Make sure you include the following (from the How Do I Resign page):

I write to you to resign as a member from the PSC effectively immediately. I also rescind permission for CUNY to withdraw, and for the PSC to accept, union dues taken from my paycheck. Any signed document restricting the time in which such revocation may be made is hereby revoked.

  1. You will likely receive a letter from the union (perhaps from the union’s Treasurer Felicia Wharton) detailing the limited 10 day time period you have to resign. Eventually you can send the resignation letter again (with a new date) so that it is mailed and postmarked “not fewer than 30 and not more than 40 calendar days before the yearly anniversary of the date you signed the membership application.”

  2. It might be a good idea at this point to contact us at Resign.PSC@gmail.com. We can help put you in touch with others in the same boat so that you can find out how they may have resolved this.